List of Lyrics



4MINUTE : Hate –> No Love –> Blind –> Canvas


As One : Merry Lonely Christmas (ft. Yang Da Il)

Awl OST : Click Here


Baek Ah Yeon : So We Are

Baek Ji Young : And –> Stand By Me –> Medicine (ft. Verbal Jint

Beast : Without You

B.I.G : Hey Girl

Birthday Song : Click Here

Bloomy : Because Of You

BoA : Christmast Paradise Make Me Complete

Bobby Kim : Because I Can Love You

Bro : Hate

Bubblegum OST : Click Here

BUMKEY : Surprise (ft. Beenzino) –> Better Man (ft. Tablo)

Byul : Fermata (Spring Will Probably Come

Byun Yohan : 무이이야 (There’s No Difference)


Cheese In The Trap OST : Click Here

Chen : Best Luck

Cross Gene : Nuna, You

Crush : Sleepless Night (ft. Punch) –> Don’t Forget (ft. Taeyeon)


D-Day OST : Click Here

Dalshabet : Gently

Davichi : Cry Again –> Don’t You Know –> It’s Okay It’s Love –> White (ft. Jay Park) –>

DBSK : The First Noel

December : I Can Only Give You Love

DEAN : What 2 Do (ft. Crush & Jeff Bernat)

Defconn : Mother Is Waiting

DSP Friends : White


Elsa Kopf : If

Empress Ki OST : Click Here


f(x) : 4 Walls –> 12시 25분 (Wish List)

Featuring : Click Here


G-FRIEND : Rough –> Say My Name –> Luv Star –> Someday –> Trust –> Etc

Gain : Let’s Meet When It Turns Twelve –> Must Have Love (ft. Eric Nam)

Gary : Lonely Night (ft. Gaeko)

Glamorous Temptation OST : Click Here


Haell : If You Really Love Me

Hanbyul : I’ll Be There For You (English Version) –> Winter Wind

Hong Dae Kwang : I Feel You –> Love Begins

Hwajung OST : Click Here

Hyolyn (Sistar) : A Little Closer –> Turnaround


iKON : Dumb & Dumber –> What’s Wrong –> I Miss You So Bad

IMFACT : Lollipop

Ingki : Person That Should Leave

Iris II OST : Click Here

It’s Okay It’s Love OST : Click Here

IU : Heart


Jang Beom Joon : Recall

Jang Jae In : Don’t You Know

Ji Chang Wook : To Butterfly

Jooyoung : Can You Hear Me

Jun Hyung : Nightmare (ft. Heo Ga Yoon)

Jun. K : Love Letter

Jung Dong Ha : The Day –> Mystery

Jung In : Actually I –> UUU

Jung Yong Hwa : Hello (ft. Sunwoo Jung A)


Kang Hyun Min : Such (ft. Jo Hyun Ah)

Kangin : Memories

Kihyun : As Time Goes By

Kim Bo Kyung : I Guess It’s You –> Like A Habbit

Kim Jae Joong : You Know What?

Kim Min Seung : Boom Boom Boom

Kim Na Young : To Me, You

Kyuhyun : A Million Pieces –> <Remember Me –> Autumn Sleeves –> Piano Forest –> Because I Miss You –> Etc

K.Will : 시리다 (Cold) –> Coming To Me –> You Call It Romance (ft. Davichi)


LED Apple : I’ll Be There For You –> Are You Eating Well –> Dash –> Let The Wind Blow –> Etc

Lee Geon : Still

Lee Hong Ki : Insensible

Lee Ji Yoo : I Cover My Eyes

Lee Juck : Don’t Worry

Lee Seung Chul : Darling

Lee Seung Gi : I’m Going To The Military

Lee Sora : Happy Birthday To You

Lee Soo Young : You Were Born To Be Loved

Lena Park : The Person Living In My Heart

Luna : Only You


M.C The Max : No Matter Where

Mamamoo : I Miss You

Melody Day : When It Rains (ft. Ravi)

Moorim School OST : Click Here


NC.A : Even If A Memorable Day Comes –> U In Me

Neighborhood Hero OST : Click Here

Noel : Together

Norwegian Wood : Lie


One More Happy Ending OST : Click Here


Park Hye Soo : Remember Me Only

Park Seo Jun : Long Way

Park Si Hwan : Shout Out

Park Yu Chun : How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet

Pink Tokki : Dear My Mother


Reddy : Think (feat. Jay Park)

Red Velvet : Wish Tree –> What I Want From You

Remember / War Of The Son OST : Click Here

Reply 1988 : Click Here

Rooftop House Studio : Do You Know How I Feel

Roy Kim : It’s Christmas Day –> 야인 –> Waves –> The Great Dipper –> Gone With The Wind –> Don’t Leave –> I Want To Love Too –> Etc

Ryeowook : Like A Star –> The Little Prince –> Hello –> People You May Know –> Foxy Girl (ft. Din Din) –> POOM


SALTNPAPER : Go (English Ver.) –> Go (Korean Ver.)

Scholar Who Walks The Night : Click Here

Seo In Young : Scream

She Was Pretty OST : Click Here

Shin Yong Jae : In The Middle Of World

Signal OST : Click Here

Siwon : Only You

Six Flying Dragons OST : Click Here

Sojin : Everyday With You

Sonnet Son : MS. BURGUNDY

SoYou : Just Once –> You Don’t Know Me (ft. Brother Su)

Starship Planet : Love Is You

Stellar : Sting –> Insomnia –> Love Spell –> Cinderella –> Vibrato –> Etc

Sunwoo Jung A : Fireworks

Suzy : Winter Child –> Why Am I Like This –> Dream (ft. Baekhyun)

Special Super Junior

‘Devil’ Special Album Part I : Devil –> Stars Appear

‘Magic’ Special Album Part II : Magic –> You Got It

Super Junior D&E : Don’t Wake Me Up –> Mother

Super Junior KRY : We Can –> Dorothy

Super Junior T : Love At The First Sight


Taeyeon : I (ft. Verbal Jint) –> Rain –> Secret

Tae Il (SMROOKIES) : Because Of You

Tahiti : My Prince

Tearliner : I Am Love (ft. Yozoh) –> Fill You Erase You (ft. 5URPRISE)

Teen Top : Warning Sign –> Please Don’t Go –> Day –> Liar –> Day After Day –> Don’t Drink –> Etc

Tete : Just Love

The Black Skirt : Everything

The Dearest Lady OST : Click Here

The Legend : Crush On You –> Thankful Person

The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 : Click Here

The One : To My Love

The Producer OST : Click Here

The Time We Were Not In Love OST : Click Here

The Vibe : You Are My Christmas

Twenty : Cheese In The Trap

TWICE : Like OOH AHH –> Do It Again –> I Think I’m Crazy –> Truth –> Candy Boy –> Like A Fool


Vanilla Acoustic : Our Time –> Look Different –> I Do Again

Verbal Jint : If The World Was Perfect Place (ft. Taeyeon)

VIXX : Alive –> The King


Wendy : Let You Know

WINNER : Pricked (Mino & Taehyun) –> BABY BABY –> SENTIMENTAL –> IMMATURE –> I’M YOUNG (Taehyun’s Solo)


Xia Junsu : The Time Flows By Since It’s You


Yeo Eun : Let’s Forget It

Yesung : So Much Longing –> Dreaming –> The Greatest Story All Over The World (ft. Lee Se Joon) –> Gray Paper

Yong Pal Ost : Click Here

Yook Sung Jae : Stop To Love Again

Yoon Mi Rae : How Are You Doing (ft. Punch)

Yu Seung Woo : Whatever (ft. Crucial Star)


Zia : The Day –> Sometimes –> Tears –> That Man

Zico : I Am You, You Are Me –> It Was Love (ft. Luna)

West Song

Original Soundtrack West Movie : Click Here

Shane Filan : Beautiful In White

Shayne Ward : A Better Man

The Killin’ Time Band : Heavy

Twin Forks : Cross My Mind